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Yamma Yamma Song Lyrics Meaning:- hey, we are here with another Tamil sad song. We are talking about Yamma Yamma song meaning in English. This song is from the movie 7 Aum Arivu. We'll put our English too simple, so anyone can understand.

Song Title "Yamma Yamma" Meaning.

So first we should understand the title's meaning before dive into its lyrics. In this song, the guy calling her girlfriend Yamma Yamma. It's the same as we call baby, babe, or shawty to our girlfriend in English.

Song Credits

Singer:- S.P Kala. & Shweta Mohan
Lyrics:- Kabilan 
Music:- Harris Jayaraj

Yamma Yamma Lyrics Meaning in English 

Yamma yamma kaadhal ponnama
Nee ena vittu ponathennamma
Nenjukulla kaayam aachamma
En pattam poochi saayam pochamma

(Baby love is precious. Why did you leave me and go? My heart injured (because of the breakup). My butterfly has lost its color (referring butterfly to his heart) 

Adi aanoda kaadhal kai rega polae
Pennoda kaadhal kai kutta polae
Kanavukulla avala vechenae
En kanna renda thirudi ponaalae
Pullaankulala kaiyil thanthaalae
En moochu kaatha vaangi ponaalae

(Men's love is like line marks on hand/fingers, (referring his love to fingerprints, fingerprints are permanent). Women's love like tissue paper (It's used and throw). I used to dream about her but she stole my eyes. She gave a flute in my hand but also left with my breath. (Without breath we can't flute)

Pombalaiya nambi kettuponavanga romba
Andha varisaiyil naanum ippa kadaisiyil ninnen
Mutheduka ponaal un moochadangum thannaal
Kaadhal muthedutha pinnaal
Manam pithamaagum pennaal

(Many men have been laid by women. I'm the last one to join this list. If you dive down to get a pearl you'll hold your breath yourself. After you get pear of love your heart will go mad for the women.)

Ava kaiyavituthaan poyaachu
Kannu rendumae poiyaachu
Kaadhal enbathu veen pechu
Manam unnalae punnaai pochu

(She has gone away from my hand. Her eyes have lied. Talking about my love is a waste. My heart wounded because of you) 

Kaadhal paathai kallu mulluda
Adhai kadanthupona aalae illadaa
Kaadhal oru bothai maathira
Adhai pottukitta moongil yaathirai

(The path of love is full of rough stones and thorns. There is no man who has crossed it. Love is like toxic drugs, if we have it, we'll go through Bamboo Yatra. (Bamboo Yatra is a tradition followed by Hindus after someone's death).

Yamma yamma kaadhal ponnama
Nee ena vittu ponathennamma
Nenjukulla kaayam aachamma
En pattam poochi saayam pochamma

(We've done this translation)

Ota potta moongil athu paatu paada koodum
Nenjil ota potta pinnum manam unna pathi paadum
Vanthu ponathaaru oru nanthavana theru
Nambi nonthu ponen paaru ava poo illa naaru

( A bamboo that has holes can play music. If you drill my heart it still sings for you. The one is a Chariot from the divine garden (he is referring chariot to the girl, she come into my life and went away too fast like a Charoit). Believing her I became sorrowful, she is not a flower but a strand.)

Enna thittam potu nee thirudaadhae
Etta ninnu nee varudaadhae
Katterumbu pol nerudaadhae
Manam thaangadhae thaangadhae

(Don't plan to rob me. Don't disturb me by standing in a distance. Don't irritate me like a bull ant, I can't handle this.)

Vaanavillin kolam neeyamma
En vaanam thaandi ponathengamma
Kaadhal illaa ooru engadaa
Enna kanna katti kooti pongadaa

(You are like a rainbow, why are you going far away from me? Where is a place that has no love? Please blindfold me and take me there (if he didn't blindfold he could return for her love that's why he asked for blind fold).

Yamma Yamma Song Credits 

  • Singer:- S.P Balasu & Shweta Mohan
  • Movie:- 7 Aum Arivu
  • Music:- Harris Jayaraj 
  • Lyrics:- Kabilan 
  • Label:- Sony Music  


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