Chitti Lyrics Meaning in English | Telugu Song - Jathi Ratnalu

Hey, guys let's understand Chitti Lyrics Meaning in English. The song is from the Jathi Ratnalu Telugu Movie. Ram Miriyala sung Chitti Song. Let's dive into Chitti Song's translation in English. All lyrics and 
meaning is given below.

Song Title "Chitti" Meaning in English 

In this song her bf used "Chitti" word to call her in a sweat way. It's also mean baby, babe, or sweetheart. We hope you understood the word "Chitti".

Song Credits

Singer:- Ram

Chitti Lyrics Meaning in English - Telugu Song 

Chitti ni navvante lakshmi pattase
Pattumani pelinda na gunde khallase
Atta nuvvu girra girra melikalu tirige a oose

(Chitti, your laughter means lakshi bomb.
If it blasts... My heart starts falling for it.
Looking at you wriggling round and round.)

Nuvvu naku set ayyavani signal este breking news a
Vachesave lainloki vachesave
Chimma cheekatikunna jindhageelona flad laite vesve

( Gives me the singnal of breaking news of you getting for me.
You came off you came to my track.
In my dark life, you have put floodlight)

Hatheri nacchesve masthuga nacchesave
Black and white lokal gani lokamlona rangulu poosave
Chitti naa bul bul chitti, 

( Oh my girl, I am liking you, I am liking you so much.
In the black and white world of this local guy you added colours.
Girl, my bulbul bird girl)

Chitti na chul bul chitti
Naa rendu buggalu patti muddhulu pettave
Chitti naa jil jil chitti
Chitti naa red bul chitti
Na face bukkulo laksha lakulu kottave

(Girl, my bulbul bird girl 
You held and kissed my cheeks.
Girl, my bulbul bird girl
Girl! My red bull, Chitti
You have hit a lakk of likes, in my facebook)

Yuddhamemi jaragale sumolevi asaleragale
Chitikelo ala chinni navvutho paccha jenda choopinchinave
Medam elijebeth nee range ayina
Thadu bongaram leni avaara nene ayina

(No war has occured, never jumped for sumos.
In a snap of a finger, with a small laughter you've shown a green flag
Though you are of the range of Madam Elizabeth. 
I have turned into a threadless top)

Masugadi manasuke votesave
Bangla nundi basthiki phlaitesave
Theenmar chinnodini dj steppulu aadisthive

( You have voted for a mass guy's heart.
You have put a flight from bungalow to a local street.
You have made a teenmar dancer dance with DJ steps)

Naseeb byad unnodini navabu chesesthive
Athiloka sundharivi nuvvu nuv aaftral o tapori nenu
Google myap ayi nee gundeku cheristhive

(You have made a guy with bad luck turn into a king.
You're the most beautiful in the world and I'm after all a local mass boy.
You became a Google map and made me reach your heart)

Arere icchesave dhillu naku icchesave
Mirfhi bajji lanti laifulo nuvu onian vesave
Arere gicchesave lovvu tyatu gucchesave

(You gave off your heart to me
In a chill bajji life of mine you've put onions
You've poked and put a love tattoo on me)

Masthu masthu biriyanilo nimbu chekkay halchal chesave
Chitti naa bul bul chitti
Chitti na chul bul chitti

(In an awsome biriyani, you become a lemon
and wood making chaos.
Chitti, my bulbul bird! chitti!
Chitti, my chulbul chitti)

Naa rendu buggalu patti muddhulu pettave
Chitti naa jil jil chitti
Chitti na red bul chitti
Na face bukkulo laksha lakulu kottave

(You held and kissed my cheeks.
Chitti, my excitement! chitt!
Chitti, my red bull chitti!
You've hit a lakk of likes in my facebook)

Chitti Telugu Song QnA in Enlish

Q.Who Sung Chitti Telugu song?
A. Ram Miriyala sung chitti song.

Q. Who is lyricist of Chitti Telugu song?
A. Ramajogayya written Chittin Telugu Song.

Q. Who gave the music to Chitti Telugu song?
A. Radhan gave the music for Chitti Telugu song.

Q. From which Telugu movie is Chitti Song?
A. Chitti song is from the Jathi Ratnulu Telugu moive.

Q. Who are actors in Chitti Telugu song?
A. Naveen Polishetty and Faria Abdullah are maid lead in this song.


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