Oh My God Daddy Song English Meaning - Allu Arjun

Today we gonna explain a Telugu song Oh My God Daddy in English. Allu Arjun played lead role in this song video. let's dive into its lyrics' meaning.

A short summary of Oh My God Daddy song.

This song is about a boy. Who fad up with his daddy, his daddy never understands him. He is afraid of him too. If he asks for money his daddy started giving lectures. He has told his sad story and the relationship between him and his daddy.

Oh My Gad Daddy Song Lyrics Meaning

Naa story cheppalenu naa
bhaadhakanthu ledhu 
Ee daddy landharanndaru 
endhukitta peekkuthintunnaru

I can't tell my story there 
is no end of my sorrows 
All these dads,
why are they irritating us like this?

Maata vinipinchukoru assaslu
artham chesukoru 
Aalochinsthene Nanna peru 
raaluthundi naa hair-u

They don't listen to us, they don't
try to understand us
If I even think of my Dad's name 
my hair is falling off with worries

Vandharoopay livvamante
manamemanna rich ah 
Ani class peekuthunte 
emaina piccha 

If I ask for 100 bucks, he'll ask me
"Are we rich?"
And starts giving me lectures 
Is he mad?

Anukuntu yedchukuntu 
nenu baitikocchaa 
Andharinta same scene 
emantaav chicchaa

I am thinking like this and 
I came outside crying
But this is the same scene in every house
What do you say, buddy?

Oh my god daddy 
Just don't being my baddy(3x) 

Don't be so hardy that 
will make me saddy 

Mera Naam Bantu kaani
peruki kottaare intu 
Chaar sau bees daddy thone 
chesa ney fight day and night-u

My name is Bantu, but they 
struck off my name 
With my 420 dad, I fought 
through day and night

Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Ammaki mogudu 
Oh oh oh oh oh oh


Oh oh oh oh oh oh
My mom's husband 
And he became my dad 
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Varshanni o chitti 
bottle lo nimpalevu 
santhoshaanni kutti 
nuvvu uniform veyyalevu

You cant fill the rain 
in a little bottle
you cant stitch the happiness
and wear it as a uniform

Swechakemi shortcut 
kanipettaledhu ottu 
kaadhante nanny thittu
ledha na jattu kattu

For the freedom 
I can't see any shortcuts I swear
If not, you can scold me 
otherwise, be with me 

Adivemo backyard lo 
pettalevu maccha 
paavuraanni paper weight 
cheyyalevu piccha 

You cant put the forest in the backyard of your house.. buddy!!!
you cant make the pigeon into paperweight... buddy!!!

Volanotho chali mante 
veyyalevu chiccha 
blank cheque raa manam 
cheppi mari vacchaa

You cant make the campfire with the volcano.. buddy!!!
I am valuable as a signed black
cheque, I came bravely intimated

Spy daddy(3x)
He isn't always right 
Spy daddy(3x)

Son of valmiki ante 
care of kasthalunnatte
en intlo navvalante 
Thanos chitikeyyalante 

If you are one of Valmiki then you are the c/o address for struggles.
If you want to laugh in this house 
Thomas has to rap with his fingers

Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Mummy mogudu
Dummy gaadu 
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh oh
mom's husband
He's so worthless 
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh my god daddy 
Just don't being my baddy(3x) 

Don't be so hardy that 
will make me saddy 

La la la...

He isn't always right...

Oh My God Daddy Song Credits

Movie Name :Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo Song : OMG Daddy Singer - Rahul sipligunj Telugu Rap - Roll Rida English rap - Rahul Nambiar Female rap - lady Kash Music : Thaman S Lyrics & Telugu Rap Written by - krishna Chaitanya 


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